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In early 2006, 1956 Olympian - Barbara Cunningham approached Gymnastics Australia with an offer to share her archives, thoughts and recollections about the 1956 Olympic Games.

The 1956 Olympic Games were a significant milestone for gymnastics in Australia as they were the first Games in which Australian gymnasts took part. With the sport still in its infancy compared with Europe, Australian women fought long and hard to take their rightful place as members of the Australian Olympic Team. This was not achieved however without a struggle!

This web site summarises two years of research, interviews and personal accounts from members of the 1956 Women's Gymnastics Olympic squad and other members of the Australian gymnastics community who were actively involved in the sport. It documents the humble beginnings of a determinded group of gymnastics enthusiasts who were relentless in their determination to have Australian women compete in the 1956 Olympic Games.

This web site is dedicated to all gymnastics pioneers.


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